In this part, you will have a comprehension questionnaire dealing with a text of ideas. It could be an article from a newspaper or a magazine or a preface to a famous book or an extract from an essay written by a well-known French writer or specialist.The reading section of the exam lasts for 50 minutes and 25 marks are alloted.

 You will be given different kinds of questions to test your comprehension:

• There will be multiple choice questions focused on the gist or context and on individual words and phrases.

• You will also need to answer questions using your own words or citing extracts from the text.

• You will be asked to explain the meaning of phrases or answer questions by right or wrong  that you must justify by citing extractsBear in mind that you only get points if both answer and justification are right.


• I advise you to read the document twice.

• On the first reading, aim at extracting all the key points from the document to have an idea of the theme.

• Then read the questions so that your second reading is more targeted

•  Finally start answering the questions.

 When you have to answer open questions, even though you have to write complete sentences, examiners only expect one or two sentences paraphrasing the extract from the passage, or an answer in your own words. So do not write too much!

Bear in mind that the questions are quite nuanced and require a careful reading and deep understanding of the text. Therefore I encourage you to read as widely as possible to help extend your range of vocabulary.