This site has been designed to provide you with tips in English which will guide you towards success in the DALF C1 examination.
You will find comprehensive explanations of the different parts of the exam, an updated exam schedule and regular information.


The DALF C1 is a certification delivered by the French Ministry of Education and is recognised as fulfilling French language entrance requirements by the French universities.

The DALF C1 is therefore designed to..





 You want to know if you are ready to take the exam or you need to practice more ? I offer you the opportunity to practice with standardized tests I designed for you.

I will send you a correction for the listening and reading and I will do a personalized correction for the writing and speaking. 

Need to up skill? Need to demonstrate your fluency in French? Take the DALF C1.

I can provide you with intensive training for the written or oral exam in order to maximise your chances of success. 

Your practice tests will be corrected and constructive feedback provided.

I will analyse your performance point by point so as to achieve the highest possible score.



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9 February 2024


 5 February 2024

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 13 June 2024


 16 March 2024
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If you want to take the exam in France, why not prepare your exam in Montpellier?

Many exam sessions are offered and you will have the opportunity to live in a language immersion for a few weeks and discover the wonderful city of Montpellier.



Even though I had a reasonable grasp of grammar and a fair vocabulary, I was not really prepared for the C1 examination.

Carole walked me through all the techniques needed to achieve a much better result than I had ever believed possible.

Tim Robson, Northern Ireland

Before meeting Carole, I did not feel ready to face the examination of the Dalf C1. Thanks to her and her lessons dispensed  with a big clarity, I was able to acquire trust in me.

Carole learnt me to work in a structurer and constructive way, all this in a a very nice…

I must thank Carole for opening my eyes clearly to what was required to pass the DALF C1 exam. Although I had bought the relevant texts and read all the guidance on the exam, Carole explained clearly what the examiners were looking for, and I could never have found this out in any other way. Although I was only taking the exam as a way of progressing…